What people are saying....

I am so happy to have finally found someone who understands my curly hair. I no longer dread going to get my hair cut....Thank you so much!
Alicia G.

I just wanted to let you know that I am REALLY liking my hair! Thank you for really listening to what I wanted. J.D.

"Lisa understands service and her skill with hair is exceptional. Her home salon feels very welcoming and professional. She makes me feel like an
honored guest."  Gloria Burton

The view is fabulous and the salon is private, comfortable and beautifully decorated.  Lisa is an artist with hair!  I am consistently pleased with her conscientious service.

Lisa is wonderful!  She's listened to my need to have a hair cut that is very contemporary and professional yet also can be held up when I exercise. I've received numerous compliments on both my hair cut and color.  Her space is relaxing!  And, she's a great person to spend an hour or two with. I highly recommend her!
Cheryl Heinrichs

Lisa is a one of a kind hairdresser in a one of a kind setting. She listens, advises and gives me GREAT cuts. Her salon is a one of a kind place where you are pampered with her attention and skills. Salon appointments do not get any better than this!
Rosemary B.

Lisa is a fantastic hair dresser.  She is amazing with color. I get so many compliments! The Salon is beautiful.  I highly recommend Love Salon!
Lynne A.

Lisa is a totally fantastic, highly skilled stylist. Last time I was there I saw brochure and I asked her about it and she said it was a class she just took for new hairstyles. I thought it was awesome she having all these years experience and she still keeps up on the trends. Normally someone with years and years of hair styling just stick to the old ways and not keep up with what's new.  Jerry M.

I have been seeing Lisa for the last 3 years and couldn't imagine seeing anyone else.  She takes the time to get to know each client personally to contribute to having a successful experience.   Lisa has a vision with hair that I trust and depend on.  She does everything one step at time and walks through the whole process with you to reassure that she reaches your exact expectations.  
She has loyal clients because she is also loyal to them. She makes it her first priority that each client receives the type of service they imagined and will follow up to do so.  If you are looking for a long term, reliable and experienced hair stylist I highly recommend seeing Lisa at the Love Salon!
Grace L.

I met Lisa at a professional women's group a few years back. At the time I could not find places that I liked that would give me a perm. (It was the height of the straight hair style days.) Lisa looked like she had her act together fashion-wise and she was very friendly, so I made an appointment.  When I went in she listened  carefully to my hair history, said she could give me a perm. And encouraged me to let her try a few things first.. I said yes. Long story short-lo and behold I had natural, loose curls under all that fried perm hair! Unbelievable!  I'm 54 btw-- You better believe wish I had all that money I spent on stinky perms now:{
It took Lisa's talent for hair design AND communication skills to bring it my real hair out.
Heather D.

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